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Water is an essential ingredient for everyday living. When Barbara first
visited Njarange in the early 90’s, water had to be carried from the local
river, a return journey of several miles, and there was no guarantee of its
purity. There is now a supply to the village, but it is not constant. The area
is often hit by drought and the supply to the village can be cut off for a week
or more while water is pumped to a different area in need.   Water tanks are
therefore needed to store water when it is available, and each family needs
water  containers to have at home. To maintain purity, these must be cleaned
and disinfected at regular intervals.

.”.. water, sanitation

and hygiene are the 

key to poverty

reduction”  - quote from Water Aid

To date there is no proper sewage system.
Water is also essential for irrigation - see Agriculture
Water containers for family use
Njarange water tank
School tank