Njarange Area Project,
UK Registered Charity
No. 1085415
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In 1992, Barbara Crowther returned to Africa to visit friends she had made while previously working in Africa. She also went to visit the two children sponsored by her church (Furzebank Worship Centre) through Tear Fund . During her visit, she was asked if she would like to see a village that did not receive any help - Njarange.

It took a long time to get there because there weren’t any proper roads. The people lived in poverty and had many needs. Ever since, Barbara has worked tirelessly to raise funds for the Njarange Area Project, Kenya (NAPK), which is a registered charity. Thanks to her efforts and the resilience, determination and faith of the people of Njarange, much progress has been made with very  limited income. They have built a school, a clinic and a mill and are providing new or improved housing for those in need. They  now have a clean water supply and are developing an irrigation system. As yet they have no real system of sanitation.

Drought and pests are a constant threat to crops and much work remains to be done.

The project now covers the plains of the Mbeere area, spanning approx 40 x 80 miles.  

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Map of Kenya
Map showing the Njarange Area
A typical rural road
in the 90’s